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<p>Construction Waste Crusher is one of the basic conditions of ensuring the normal production order of the mining machinery manufacturing company, especially that the open-pit mining production is basically determined by the technical condition of jaw crusher. When jaw crusher breaks down, the production of the whole mine will be seriously influenced. Zenith Machinery will talk about three aspects of maintain good technical condition of jaw crusher here.</p>
1. Correctly operate jaw crusher<p>Correctly and reasonably operating and using jaw crusher is the foundation of ensuring its good technical condition, and the following work should be done for this purpose.</p>
<p>(1) Build a good working environment. Good working environment is a crucial condition of ensure normal operation of the crusher equipment, service life and highly efficiency and safe production. To do this, customers should install necessary devices of dampproof, dustproof, anticorrosion, antivibration, heat preservation and cooling and equip necessary safety protection device according to the requirement for using and maintaining the crusher equipment.</p>
<p>(2) Reasonably give play to the equipment efficiency. Ensuring full-load and high-efficiency operation of the equipment is the most economical. However, users should never run it with overload, operate it violating the operation regulation, cancel or change the parameters stipulated in equipment safety device at will nor tear down, weld and cut the equipment or change the equipment structure at will.</p>
2. Carefully maintain jaw crusher<p>Careful maintenance is the key to ensuring the good technical condition of jaw crusher. The basic tasks of equipment maintenance are to regularly check, maintain and timely deal with the changes in technical condition happened in the running process of jaw crusher. For this reason, we should strengthen the equipment maintenance from the following two aspects:</p>
<p>(1) Maintenance principle: The maintenance of jaw crusher should follow the basic principle of “three goods”, “four can”, “four requirements” and “five fixed requirement for lubrication”.</p>
<p>(2) Strengthen daily check. Daily check is an active precautionary measure to ensure good technical condition of jaw crusher, and the basic requirements include ensuring orderliness and cleanness of the equipment, good lubrication, safety and reliability and preventing accident. In addition, the daily check should conform to standardization and routinization.</p>
3. Improve maintenance quality of jaw crusher<p>After the equipment reaches the stipulated wear limit, the original precision and efficiency will decrease and the technical condition will decline. For this reason, it is necessary to carry out thorough repair or adaptive repair on the equipment to eliminate the equipment defects and hidden dangers and recover and improve its using performance. The key of equipment maintenance is to ensuring the maintenance quality, which should be done from the following aspects:</p>
<p>(1) Maintainable repair: Developing “careful, precise, fast and good” maintenance style of maintainers is the key to improving the maintenance quality. Carefulness refers to the observation, precision refers to the precision of figuring out the problem, quickness refers to the speed of solving problems and goodness refers to the repair effect.</p>
<p>(2) Overhaul and rush maintenance: The overhaul and rush maintenance should have careful plan, comprehensive preparation, strict organization and capable measures.</p>
<p>To sum up, to maintain good technical condition of jaw crusher should strength the reasonable operation, careful maintenance and perfect maintenance quality which are all indispensable. At the same time, it is necessary to correctly handle their relationship.</p>
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